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USA and SOI Amendments

An Urban Service Area (USA) amendment proposal may ONLY be initiated by City Council resolution and not by private citizens. Each city is limited to one USA amendment application per calendar year. A Sphere of Influence (SOI) amendment application may be filed by any person/entity or local agency.

Filing Requirements

Urban Service Area or Sphere of Influence amendment applications will not be deemed complete unless all of the following material is submitted:

  1. Completed Urban Service Area / Sphere of Influence Amendment Application Form (Click to download then complete and save form using Adobe Acrobat)
  2. Detailed letter of request, stating the reason for the amendment and why it is necessary at this time.
  3. For USA amendment requests, submit a certified copy of City Council resolution requesting LAFCO action.
  4. (a) Map depicting properties in the proposal territory and existing city, urban service area, sphere of influence boundaries and relationship of proposed boundary to any street right of way or property line. Legal description is preferred, but not required.
    (b) If a proposal unavoidably splits lines of assessment, a legal description (Exhibit A) and map (Exhibit B) of the proposal area shall be submitted for which definite and certain boundaries can be determined.
  5. Environmental documentation to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA):
    (a) Completed Environmental Information Form if requesting categorical exemption from CEQA; OR (b) Three copies and a compact disc of Negative Declaration/ Mitigated Negative Declaration plus Initial Study with certifying resolution; OR
    (c) Three copies and a compact disc of Environmental Impact Report with certifying resolution.
    If there is a question regarding whether or not LAFCO will be lead agency or whether the proposal is categorically exempt, an Environmental Information Form must be completed and signed before meeting with LAFCO staff.
  6. List of Assessors Parcel Numbers of all properties in the proposal territory along with acreage, existing land uses, and current & proposed general plan & zoning designations.
  7. USA amendment proposals must include a Vacant Lands Inventory identifying vacant lands within the city limits and its urban service area for specific land use designations, and the rate of absorption of vacant lands. If the amount of vacant land exceeds a five-year supply, explanation is required for why the expansion is necessary and how an orderly and efficient growth pattern will be maintained.
  8. Plan for Services prepared in compliance with California Government Code §56653.
  9. Fiscal Impacts Report analyzing the fiscal impacts of the proposal on the affected local agencies, including the requesting agency, the County, special districts and any affected school districts. The impacts to the County shall be developed using the Fiscal Impacts Worksheet prepared by the County.
  10. All staff reports pertaining to the proposal that are submitted to an agency’s planning commission, council or board.
  11. Party Disclosure Forms must be completed by a party, i.e., any person who files an application for a LAFCO proceeding, or who is subject of a LAFCO proceeding.
  12. Lobbying Disclosure Forms must be filed by the applicant listing all lobbyists hired to influence the action taken by LAFCO on the application. This form must be updated one week prior to LAFCO hearing date of application, if necessary.
  13. Indemnification Agreement in the form prescribed, signed by the applicant.
  14. LAFCO Filing fees.
  15. Any additional information required by the Executive Officer.

Disclosure Requirement

Pursuant to Government Code Sections 56100.1, 56300, 56700.1, 57009 and 81000 et seq., any person or combination of persons who directly or indirectly contribute(s) a total of $1,000 or more or expend(s) a total of $1,000 or more in support of or in opposition to specified LAFCO proposals or proceedings, which generally include proposed reorganizations or changes of organization, may be required to comply with the disclosure requirements of the Political Reform Act (See also, Section 84250 et seq.). These requirements contain provisions for making disclosures of contributions and expenditures at specified intervals. More information on the scope of the required disclosures is available at the web site of the Fair Political Practices Commission: Questions regarding FPPC material, including FPPC forms, should be directed to the FPPC’s advice line at 1-866-ASK-FPPC (1-866-275-3772).