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Fee Schedule

All fees/deposits shall be paid at the time of application submittal. The application shall not be deemed complete until the required fees/deposits are received.

When SBE fees are required, a separate check payable to the State Board of Equalization (SBE) must be included with the application packet. The SBE fee is based on acreage; and determined by the SBE Schedule of Fees.

  1. City Conducted Annexations
    $1,367 + SBE Fees
  2. 100% Consent LAFCO Heard Change of Organizations
    $6,218 + SBE Fees
  3. Non-100% Consent LAFCO Heard Change of Organizations*
    $12,122 deposit + Actual Costs + SBE Fees
  4. Urban Service Area / Sphere of Inluence Amendments*
    $13,758 deposit + Actual Costs
  5. Out of Agency Contract for Services*
    $11,912 deposit + Actual Costs
  6. Mandatory Pre-Application Meeting for District Formations/City Incorporations*
    $1,935 deposit + Actual Costs
  7. District Formations, City Incorporations and complex Dissolutions, Consolidations, Mergers*
    $12,122 deposit + Actual Costs + SBE fees
  8. Reconsideration Requests*
    $5,563 deposit + Actual Costs
  9. Research Fees
  10. Service Charges
    $0.10/page – color
    $0.05/page – B/W
    Mailing/Shipping Actual Cost

*Deposit Fees

Deposit fees are initial payments towards the actual cost of processing applications. Staff time spent on pre-application assistance will be counted towards the deposit. Actual costs include staff time, any consultant fees, special counsel legal services and miscellaneous costs such as noticing, copying etc. If actual costs are less than deposit, LAFCO will refund the difference to the applicant. If processing costs begin to exceed the deposit, additional fees are required. LAFCO approval will be conditional upon final payment within 35 days of LAFCO hearing date.