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Policies for Use of LAFCO Issued Electronic Devices

The purpose of these policies is to provide direction regarding the appropriate use of electronic devices, such as iPads, issued by LAFCO. LAFCO of Santa Clara County provides electronic devices to staff and interested commissioners in order to implement programs such as an electronic agenda packet which reduce cost, save time and benefit the environment. It is the responsibility of every user of the devices to ensure that he or she is in compliance with these policies. 

  1. Devices, such as iPads, issued by LAFCO are the property of LAFCO.
  2. Staff and commissioners must return LAFCO issued devices and accessories to LAFCO at the conclusion of their employment or term on LAFCO.
  3. Personal iPads, tablets or similar devices used for LAFCO business are the sole responsibility of the user and will not be supported by LAFCO staff. Staff or commissioners using a non-supported device are responsible for configuring their own device.
  4. LAFCO issued devices must be used primarily for LAFCO business.
  5. Commissioners may use these devices to conduct the business of another public agency so long as the commissioner serves on the elected or appointed body of that specific public agency.
  6. Staff and commissioners shall not use devices in any way that would violate the open public meeting requirements of the Brown Act, the regulations prohibiting use of public funds for campaign purposes, or other applicable laws.
  7. Information on devices used for LAFCO business may be subject to the provisions of the Public Records Act.
  8. Staff and commissioners are prohibited from using devices for:
  1. Personal use other than on an occasional or incidental basis
  2. Any illegal, illicit, improper, unprofessional or unethical activity or any activity that is harassing, discriminatory, or defamatory in any way
  3. Personal profit, including conducting or pursuing their own business interests or those of another organization
  1. Devices must be password protected in order to protect them from unauthorized access and tampering.
  2. Staff and commissioners must take appropriate measures to ensure that devices are protected against damage, loss, theft, and security breaches.
  3. Damage, loss, theft, or security breaches of devices must be reported immediately to the LAFCO Executive Officer.
June 5, 2013
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