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Boundary Agreement Policies

  1. Santa Clara County LAFCO honors the existing boundary agreement lines between the cities in this County.
  2. While the primary responsibility for resolving boundary agreement disputes lies with the cities who signed the agreement, LAFCO will mediate at the request of affected agencies.
  3. LAFCO will refer any landowner(s) or resident(s) who question a boundary agreement to the city whose area they are within, with a request that the city attempt to alleviate the problems of the petitioner(s).
  4. A City proposing annexation of territory outside its boundary agreement area should discuss this proposal with the other affected city or cities prior to submittal of the proposal to LAFCO.
  5. LAFCO criteria for review of a proposed boundary agreement amendment areas follows:
    1. The proposed boundaries should not create areas that would be difficult to serve by a city or special district.
    2. The city must demonstrate to LAFCO the ability to provide adequate facilities and services to the area proposed for annexation.
    3. Proposals must result in logical boundaries for the affected cities and should follow recognizable natural or man-made physical characteristics(i.e., creeks, major streets, property lines, freeways, railroad lines, etc.)
    4. Proposals should not promote the creation of special districts.
    5. Boundary adjustments must address adverse fiscal impacts to the affected cities, special districts, and the County.
    6. Consideration should be given to community identity, natural neighborhoods, school districts, and postal service.
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