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Santa Clara LAFCO Receives 2018 Most Effective Commission Achievement Award

Santa Clara LAFCO received the 2018 Most Effective Commission Achievement Award at the CALAFCO Annual Conference. The award recognizes that Santa Clara LAFCO’s recent actions prevented the premature conversion of nearly 1,000 acres of prime agricultural lands, curbed urban sprawl, and guided development away from the last remaining agricultural land in South Santa Clara County – providing a more stable foundation for ongoing and future farmland preservation efforts in Santa Clara County. LAFCO’s actions, coupled with local agency partners’ efforts, have placed Santa Clara County in a strong position to pursue funding opportunities for farmland preservation.

Thanks to the Commission’s leadership, and abiding commitment to its state mandate, Santa Clara LAFCO continues to be respected for its impactful work.

Santa Clara LAFCO also received the “Most Effective Commission” award in 2014 for its proactive multi-year Service Review efforts to provide greater oversight of special districts in order to improve their public accountability and transparency. Also, in 2007, LAFCO received the “Most Effective Commission” award for adoption of its Agricultural Mitigation Policies and for implementation of its successful Island Annexation Program.

October 4, 2018