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List of Attendees


Text | Video   Opening Remarks - Ed Thompson, CA Director, American Farmland Trust
PowerPoint | Video   Dr. Glenda Humiston, CA Director of USDA Rural Development
  | Video   Mark Nechodom, Director, CA Department of Conservation
PowerPoint | Video   Matt Gerhart, Deputy Program Manager, California Coastal Conservancy
PowerPoint | Video   Andrea Mackenzie, Gen. Manager, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
PowerPoint | Video   Bill Shoe, Principal Planner, Santa Clara County Planning Office
PowerPoint | Video   Amie MacPhee, Founder, Cultivate Studio
PowerPoint | Video   Reggie Knox, Executive Director, California FarmLink
  | Video   Pete Aiello, President, Santa Clara County Farm Bureau / Uesugi Farms
  | Video   Closing Summary - Ed Thompson, CA Director, American Farmland Trust



Video on Summit's Highlights
Ag Summit's Highlights video


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